Sunday, November 15, 2015

November -- A Change of Scenery

Things have been very quiet at Sea Glass Cottage....the natural rhythm of high-activity summer has gradually changed into a quiet, gentle fall.  The result has been long periods of time between visits and the cottage has been mostly empty.

At the present time, the storm shutters are closed, outdoor things are locked away safely, and the house will have a little peace and quiet for a while.

We will be back to spend a few days here during Christmas time just to experience something new and different for us. This will be our first Christmas with the cottage, and my family is excited to make some new holiday memories here and see what it is like to be surrounded by sandy beaches and palm trees in December!

Traditionally, my family spends the Thanksgiving holidays in the woods in our cabin, and that is where we will be this month and part of December. I'm so looking forward to being together with as many family members and friends who can travel to be together.

The cabin is completely the opposite of Sea Glass! Sea Glass is white slip covers, and fresh coastal decor with tones of soft creams and blues. The cabin is warm earth tones, rustic, with lots of reclaimed wood, leather, and metal. Very masculine and comfortable, as it's main purpose is a hunting lodge.

I hope you enjoy this quick tour of our sanctuary in the woods!

Pool table for the pool sharks in the family.

Warm, rich colors throughout the house.

Entry hall bench from Pottery Barn

The property is home to wildlife such as deer and wild turkey, so you'll see lots of these (Pottery Barn) pinecone turkeys throughout the cabin. (Mirror from Birch Lane.)

Dining table, buffet, and chairs from Pottery Barn.

Dining area chandelier.

Kitchen details.

Caught on camera......a very rare sight, indeed! Me, cooking breakfast! ;)

A cozy fire in the den, my reading chair, and my husband's pride and joy -- a flat screen tv the size of a football field!

Comfy rockers on the front porch.

These are some of the beautiful wildlife around -- wild turkeys and deer (caught on cameras in the trees.)


Well, that's it for now as I plan on doing a little Christmas decorating here (think burlap and jute)  at the cabin which I will post about later. 

In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with family and friends. 

                                                        We are abundantly blessed!


  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And thanks for the tour!

  2. This a wonderful place to have and to create memories with family and friends.

    Don't be surprised if I show up, LOL. I adore the idea of a getaway. I'd love to be on a lake area. Enjoy!

    Now that I follow your blog I can enjoy what you share with your cabin


  3. Happy Thanksgiving and what a beautiful cabin to spend that special holiday. Your cabin is gorgeous. How nice to have the summer feel of the cottage by the sea and the cabin feel for fall and Thanksgiving. Your family and friends will feel so cozy and comfy as you spend the holidays together at these beautiful homes.

  4. Wow Joanne, you have the best of all worlds, beach, woods, and city!! That is some "cabin," no wonder you love spending time there, it's so gorgeous yet cozy!! What a fabulous place to gather for Thanksgiving! We just arrived back on the coast today for the next 2 weeks, a week of rest and then a week of family for Thanksgiving~

  5. Wow! Two vacation sites! You are blessed! So cool to see all the wildlife!