Monday, October 26, 2015

Are You Ready for Some Football???

Lately, the world has been bursting with big, bright, beautiful pumpkins!

Pumpkin patches are cropping up, porches and steps are filled with pumpkin vignettes with autumn flowers and crunchy leaves, and pretty soon we will be carving up a spooky jack-o-lantern for Halloween night!

I love pumpkins and have my front porch all decked out with my collection from a recent pumpkin patch visit.....and I think I'm going to borrow a few and decorate them to celebrate my favorite collegiate football team. Yes, for football!

Pinterest is teaching me that I have to start thinking outside-of-the-box. Who would have thought that pumpkins and football go so well together?

Here are some of my favorite pinterest pins that have taught me that they are not just for jack-o-lanterns anymore:

This generic football pumpkin is cute and sure to appeal to the football fan in your house that follows many football teams. You can make it team-specific with colored ribbons.

For the LSU fans in my house, I spotted these clever purple and gold pumpkins ~ Geaux, Tigers! (You can easily change the colors and letters to your team's colors and/or logo.)

The Eye of the Tiger

And just to show that I'm a good sport, I'll highlight some pumpkins from some of our toughest opponents on the field!

So go grab a pumpkin and decorate it to show your spirit for your favorite team! 


  1. So cute! Love the Ole Miss pumpkins and table! So tailgate chic!

  2. I love your football pumpkin collection Joanne! I've got to make an Alabama one for the big game!!

  3. I have to tell you the first one is my favorite.


  4. Oh- What a fun post!!!! This whole family is all about the Green Bay Packers and it would be fun to decorate a couple of pumpkins to celebrate the team. My grands would LOVE it. Thanks for the ideas. I have not been on Pinterest too much lately. too much going on. Hope you had a great day---xo Diana
    ps. If you didn't yet- I have a giveaway going on (on my blog) for my son's new sign company if you want to enter.

  5. Really cute ideas! My daughter is going to tail-gate this week at a college football game! I'll have to share these with her! Thanks for sharing them! :) ~Rhonda

  6. Wow these are all fun ideas! I could see that first one as a centerpiece for a party.

  7. Those pumpkins are pretty cute :)