Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sea Glass

What is sea glass?

Sea glass starts out as discarded bottles, dishes, bowls, and other glass items in the sea. Sea Glass may have even started out on a boat or ship and entered the water after a ship wreck or storm.

Over time, the sharp broken pieces are constantly being tumbled by the waves over and over.

After a long period of time, those sharp edges get smoothed out and wash up on the shore.

Sea glass comes in many different colors, from beautiful blues and greens, to the rarer reds and yellows.

When it came time to think of a name for our new beach house, I considered all kinds of themes.....
tropical and Hawaiian names, drink names, color names, and even a few silly names. But I kept getting an image of beautiful blue and green sea glass, and I could imagine how pretty the decor would be with colored glass bowls and bottles the colors of sea glass.

Sea Glass Cottage seemed to be the perfect name.

My wonderful real estate agent gave me a housewarming gift when I purchased the beach house.
A home plaque for Sea Glass Cottage.

Here is a great article to read from the blog,  I Love Shelling, that chronicles a woman's passion for beach combing. She has found gorgeous sea glass from all over in her travels.

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