Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Decorating with.....Simple Touches of the Sea

One of the most exciting things about owning a beach house is discovering new ways to decorate a home with coastal and cottage styles and decor.

Our home outside of New Orleans is a Greek Revival style home which is decorated in a traditional, Old World style in earthy tones. Switching gears at the beach, choosing colors, textures, fabrics, and decor for Sea Glass Cottage is a whole new world of light, bright, airy styles. I've turned to inspiration from the beauty of the beach and sea.

I wanted to keep my cottage simple, comfortable, and uncluttered.  When family and friends visit, I want them to feel completely at home and at ease when they sit down on sofas and chairs or gather around the table.

There is so much to be inspired by in nature......sea shells, sea glass, starfish, sand dollars, sand, and all the beautiful hues and textures. Without going overboard and making the decor too "kitschy" like a souvenier shop, I'm keeping to just a few simple touches.

My everyday tablescape (which can change for special occasions and parties) is simple and just a burlap tablerunner, a jute lantern, and two burlap wrapped candle holders. All are stamped with beautiful white shells. I love the textures and the colors remind me of the sand and beach.

My inspiration photo: The texture of the sand, the tan tones, and the simplicity of a starfish.

My tablescape based on this inspiration from the sea:

My inspiration photo: I love the beautiful blues of the water and the ombre effect -- from the deeper blues to the crystal aqua -- and the white, puffy clouds of the sky.

My translation based on this inspiration photo:

A wooden crate from Michael's craft store already painted and distressed with an ombre effect in chalk paint with the blues of the sea, paired with a hurricane glass filled with sand from our beach, a few shells and sea glass, and a candle with those same ombre blue hues makes a pretty vignette on my coffee table. The blue and white hydrangeas mimic the blues and white of the sky.

Another find from Michael's craft store, this lantern with a touch of blue is filled with sea treasures instead of candles. One of the most beautiful things to come from the sea is a sea fan; I don't use real sea fans as it is bad for the environment to remove (or purchase) authentic fans. I found faux sea fans in the floral section of the craft store, cut them to size, and placed them in lanterns and urns. I also use faux sea coral, and these are very easy to find in craft stores.

My cottage would not be complete without seaglass! Here is my inspirational photo:

My translation based on this inspirational photo:

Beautiful bowls of sparkling sea glass in colors of the sea.

Decorating and creating a welcoming home beach home is all in the details of the sand and sea.....and it's the little details that are so much fun creating. I hope you will come back for more of Sea Glass Cottage!

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  1. Beautiful beach decor. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. I pinned your post to my cottage by the water board xo

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    2. Thank you, Katherine! I am now following your lovely blog and pinterest board. All best! Joanne