Thursday, June 23, 2016

Favorite Things #4: Ikat Designs

Lately, I've been drawn to a lovely design pattern......ikat designs.

I didn't even realize that I was gathering a collection of ikat designs until I noticed a very strange coincidence......I had purchased a sundress, outdoor pillows, a candle, and a fragrance all in the same indigo blue design!! Hmmmm, there must be something to this pattern that I loved, so I did some research.

Ikat (pronounced "ee-kat") is an Indonesian fabric dyeing technique that is extremely labor intensive and a true art form. The colors and techniques of ikat design can range in soft and subtle hues to very bold and intense colors.

Ikat designs are everywhere -- in art, home decor,  fabrics, rugs, fashion, jewelry, home accessories, and more. (Check out my pinterest board, "Ikat Designs.")

Here are a few of my current favorites featuring the stunning ikat patterns.

l. Pillows: I bought a few of these for my outdoor sitting area from Kirklands. I can't wait to show you how well these go with the new and improved BLUE exterior of Sea Glass Cottage!

2. Summer Fragrance: It's too hot in the summer for a perfume, but Aerin's Ikat Jasmine body cream is the perfect way to wear a very light scent, and I love jasmine!

3. Fashion: I found this cute ikat print sundress at Macy's and it works well as a casual dress or a cover-up.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!


  1. Love ikat Joanne, and LOVE that dress!!

    1. Thanks, Jenna -- being an artist, I'm sure you're familiar with ikat designs.

  2. I love Ikat designs. I know when they first came on the scene I thought they would go the way of chevron and just be come overexposed. Thankfully the pattern didn't become the Kim Kardashian of fabric and people still want to see it. Pillows, candles and the like are the perfect way to use a pattern like this. If you ever tire of it, it is an easy switch.


  3. I wasn't aware of the name of that design pattern. It's lovely. I especially love that dress. I hope the progress is going well at Sea Glass Cottage. I'm looking forward to seeing the updated look. Hope you're having a lovely summer, Joanne.