Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Girl's Bedroom & Bath

On my last visit to Sea Glass Cottage, I spent a little bit of time sprucing up my daughter's bedroom (which also serves as a guest room when she's not here).

Sadly for me, my daughter transferred to a college in New York which makes her visits home during the school semester rare, so her room is perfect for guests.

The taupe linen headboard and white beachy furniture were already in place when we purchased the house, so I had visions of making this an all-white or white and aqua room -- until my daughter got wind of my plans.

She put her foot down. And sent a text.

"No white, mom! Any color but white!"

Okay. I'm flexible. What about white and aqua?

"No. I'd like green, please."

Green it is.

Her bedroom is cozy and has an en-suite cottage-style bath (that is white and aqua ~ I like to compromise!)

This cute starfish pillow and the taupe shell pillows were the inspiration pieces to build the room. And 100% daughter approved!

I'm not crazy about the rug, and I think I will eventually replace it with a sisal rug. However, it's sturdy and it's an outdoor rug so it is standing up to the sand that is dragged in on the first floor (easy to sweep and vacuum).

Looks like someone wants some attention!

Love this little bistro style chair.

Her bedroom is separated from the bathroom by a pocket door.

I love her bathroom. Bright, fresh white beadboard, white floors, marble counters, and old-fashioned, cottage style wash stand and fixtures. 

Just a touch of light aqua on the walls above the beadboard.

Another pop of color with an aqua starfish.

Fresh white subway tiles in the shower stall.

Her room is right off the entrance hall and across from her brother's room. If you missed his nautical room makeover, you can click on this link.

I hope you enjoyed taking a little tour of my daughter's room at the cottage! 

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  1. So pretty Joanne~ I think you did a great job compromising, the green is there but it's soft and subtle, and I love the washed out tones for your sea cottage~ Love the green lamp, and the gorgeous bathroom, that would tempt me to visit often!

    1. Hope you DO come by for a visit one day, Jenna! Would love to meet one day.

  2. Looks beautiful Joanne. Glad you and your daughter could compromise on a color. It is still her room for visits home and also can be a guest room too. Win Win!!! Looks so pretty.

    1. Thanks, Kris. Yes, it's her room, so her choice. ;)

  3. The bedroom and bathroom both look great! It's nice that the colour schemes are a bit different, but the two rooms still flow together. You're going to have a hard time getting rid of your guests, they're going to want to move in! :-)

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment!

  4. Beautiful room! Love the touches of green, especially the pretty lamp! And the pillows are lovely! The bathroom is gorgeous... love the counter tops! You've created a charming, peaceful retreat for your daughter! :) ~Rhonda

  5. The decor is lovely, Joanne. All of the colors blend together enough to flow well, but are distinct enough to stand out. What a great space.I love all of the pillows, too.

  6. What a pretty room! I love the pillows and all the coastal touches.

  7. So lovely! I adore your doggie, is he/she a King Charles spaniel?

    1. Hi, Rose - Yes, he is a King Charles spaniel, and thank you.